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Membership Forms

Individual Membership (pdf 137KB) Download
School Membership (pdf 132.8KB) Download
Club Membership (pdf 131.8KB) Download

Syllabus & Grading Forms

Junior Syllabus (pdf 492.8KB) Download
Senior Syllabus (pdf 1.004MB) Download
Grading Form (pdf 19.7KB) Download


All Ireland Championships
Results 2016 (pdf 78.0KB) Download
Results 2015 (pdf 85.0KB) Download
Results 2014 (pdf 51.7KB) Download
Results 2013 (pdf 52.4KB) Download
Results 2012 (pdf 55.2KB) Download
Results 2010 (pdf 55.3KB) Download
Connacht Championships
Results 2017 (pdf 42KB) Download
Results 2015 (pdf 86KB) Download
Results 2014 (pdf 53KB) Download
Results 2013 (pdf 52.3KB) Download
Results 2012 (pdf 52.8KB) Download
Results 2011 (pdf 56.7KB) Download
Results 2010 (pdf 53.9KB) Download
East of Ireland Championships
Results 2013 (pdf 52.9KB) Download
Results 2012 (pdf 51.9KB) Download
Galway Open Championships
Results 2017 (pdf 48KB) Download
Results 2016 (pdf 37.5KB) Download
Results 2015 (pdf 89.0KB) Download
Results 2014 (pdf 64.0KB) Download
Results 2013 (pdf 52.9KB) Download
West of Ireland Championships
Results 2015 (pdf 160.3KB) Download
Results 2012 (pdf 47.3KB) Download
Results 2011 (pdf 50.2KB) Download
Results 2010 (pdf 51.0KB) Download

Rules & Policies


Entry Forms & Permits

All Ireland Championships 2016 – Entry Form (pdf 225.0 KB) Download
All Ireland Championships 2015 – Entry Form and Photo Permit (pdf 132.3 KB) Download
International Summer School of Judo 2017 Entry Form (pdf 564 KB) Download
International Summer School of Judo 2016 Entry Form (pdf 197 KB) Download
International Summer School of Judo 2014 Entry Form (pdf 105 KB) Download
East of Ireland 2013 – Entry Form (pdf 132.3 KB) Download
East of Ireland 2013 – Photo Permit Request Form (pdf 71.2 KB) Download
Connacht Championships 2017 – Entry Form (pdf 137.0 KB) Download
Connacht Championships 2013 – Entry Form (pdf 133.3 KB) Download
Connacht Championships 2013 – Photo Permit Request Form (pdf 71.3 KB) Download
Galway Open 2017 – Entry Form (pdf 165.0 KB) Download
Galway Open 2016- Entry Form (pdf 118.0 KB) Download
Leinster Open 2015 – Entry Form (pdf 230.0 KB) Download
Renmore MiniMons 2016 – Entry Form (pdf 97.6 KB) Download
West of Ireland Youth Championships 2016 – Entry Form (pdf 88.5 KB) Download

Promotional Materials

Judo Ireland 2016 A5 Leaflet (pdf 1.00MB) Download


Annual General Meeting 2013 Report (pdf 29.7KB) Download
Connacht Championships 2014 Report (pdf 23KB) Download
Judo Summer Camp 2013 Report (pdf 32.7 KB) Download
San Francisco 2015 Report (pdf 99.2 KB) Download

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