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There are so many ways to get involved!

The Irish Black Belt Association and The National Dojo Project

The Irish Black Belt Association (IBBA) was founded in 2004 for the purpose of providing facility for the training in Martial Arts. Among the founders were Alan Martin, Alonzo Henderson and John Creaven.

Over the past 10 years, almost €200,000 has been est aside for the purchase of such a facility. Contributions come mainly from the Judo community in the form of monthly or annual subscription. Both Karate and Aikido members are also contributors.

The establishment of such a centre is also a defining goal of Judo Ireland and as such, Judo Ireland contributes 20% of its funding to the project. Considering Judo Ireland receives no government funding, this is quiet an achievement.

The location of the centre is a source of great chat. In the past year two sites have been approached, but deemed unsuitable, on the grounds:

  • Ceiling too low
  • Accessibility was limited

The search is now on. If you are interested in getting involved as a suporter of the IBBA, you can contact John Creaven.
Remember, all contributions go only to the National Dojo Fund. Those funds have no other purpose.

Judo 200

The purpose of the new venture is to develop a pathway of excellence, both for our coaches and players. The funds from this venture will be used solely for:

  • The development of good coaching practice,
  • The development of committed young players.

Your involvement concerns contributing €100 per annum to be a member. The benefits of being a member, is that a draw is held each month, where €500 in prize money is given out.
1st prize €250, 2nd prize €100, 3rd, 4th and 5th prizes €50. That means that you could be one of 60 winners over the year!

However, the real benefits are that profits generated go to:

  • Bringing in overseas coaches and international players,
  • Sending our young players abroad to training camps.

The emphasis on the above venture in tandem with competitive programme at home, over time will bring our young players up to the international standard.
There is no reason why Irish Judo players could not successfully compete internationally. An injection of financial support at the right time will be of great benefit towards that goal.

If you wish to support Judo 200, please contact John Creaven or Sylvia O’Flynn.
Each “Judo 200″ member will receive an Annual report detailing all prizewinners and how the proceeds were spent.

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