Judo Ireland

10 years of Judo Ireland in 2014Judo Ireland is about promoting Judo all over the country. We turned 10 years old in 2014. In these years, we established over 25 clubs, both in urban and rural areas. In that time some of those clubs we helped to establish and secure grants for, have left, and joined other organisations. However, without the catalyst of Judo Ireland, those clubs would never have come into being. Judo Ireland is strongest in the west. So many more children are now getting the opportunity that they would never have received without us.

Map of Ireland with Clubs Affiliated to Judo Ireland

Nationally, we run events that suit every ability, from Mini-Mons to disability players, to international events. We put a lot of effort into running courses for coaches and organising training for young players so that they get the best coaches. We run Easter Camps, a weeklong summer camp and regularly invite top coaches to our clubs to enforce the local coaches.

We are also actively promoting Judo in schools, both primary and secondary. Our young players have been very successful at community games, provincial events, open events, and internationally, where we have won medals.
Our organisation is voluntary, so we have no big financial burdens. Those at the National level administering the sport, do it for the right reasons.

Plakaty z Imprez organizowanych przez Judo Ireland

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